Dr. Seuss Celebration Week 

Oh the Places You Will Go - Click on the links below to do an activity, listen to a story, sing a song and more! 


This activity has ended but please enjoy the readings and activities when you have time. 



One Fish – Two Fish – Can you Guess How Many Fish?

Congrats to our Fish Guess Winner Antonio Casciello 

Also congrats to our 3 runner ups Lucas Casciello, Adelyn Marro and Emma Kaestner





Fun Dr. Seuss Activities for the Family:

  1. Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages 
  2. Family Scavenger Hunt

  3. Create Your Own Seuss Character
  4. Dr. Seuss Reading Challenge
  5. Dr. Seuss Crafts
  6. Make your own "Cat in the Hat" Wearable Hat
  7. Be like the Lorax and create your own Mustache
  8. Learn to Draw the Lorax 
  9. Make your own Cat in the Hat Snack 
  10. Make Fizzy Footprints Inspired by The Foot Book 
  11. Put Me in the Zoo - Paper Puppet 
  12. Oh The Places You will Go Hot Air Balloon




Enjoy some fun stories read by our amazing teachers and staff at HTS and PVS

  1. Falling for Rapunzel - Mrs. Malaby (Grade 1)
  2. Skippy Jon Jones - Mr. Trussel (P.E.)
  3. A Little Spot of Happiness - Mrs. Sutton (Guidance)
  4. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think - Mrs. Lubelski (Grade 6)
  5. Go Dog Go - Mrs. Sakhleh (Social Studies)
  6. The Monster at The End of this Book - Mrs. Cheeseman (Math)
  7. Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau - Mrs. Rivera (Grade 3)
  8. Green Eggs and Ham - Mrs. Glaze (Grade 3) 
  9. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed - Ms. DeAngelo (Kindergarten) 
  10. The Underpants Zoo - Miss Mackowiak (Grade 2) 
  11. Manana Iguana - Mrs. Marucci 
  12. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild- Ms. McCafferty (Grade 1) 
  13. Applesauce Season - Mrs. Malloy (Library) 
  14. Knuffle Bunny- Mrs. Lewin (Library and Social Studies) 
  15. I Wish You More - Mrs. Johns (Grade 3) 
  16. Only One You - Ms. Manzo and Mrs. Richardson (Grade 4) 
  17. Where the Wild Things Are - Mrs. Spitale (Grade 2) 
  18. Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon - Mrs. Ward (Grade 4) 
  19. Maybe Something Beautiful - Mrs. Moran (Art) 
  20. Today I Feel Silly - Mrs. Brown (Grade 4) 
  21. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes - Mrs. Leonardi (Resource Teacher) 


Image result for unless someone like you cares lorax 

Enjoy some fun stories read by our PTA and some of our wonderful parents 

Monster Munchies - Lori Penderleith (PTA President)

I Broke My Trunk - Stephanie Owens (Mom of Danny and Lucy)

Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues - Desiree Adams

Let's Go For a Drive - The Golden Family

Are You My Mother - Lauren Walter 


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Sing a Song or Do a Dance, Here is your chance 


Sing-a-long and learn about the Dr. Seuss Books

Put on your Dancing Shoes and Do a Dance with Cat in the Hat

It's Brain Break Time - Sing and Dance with Dr. Seuss Characters



 Image result for Bartholomew and Oobleck

It's Oobleck Time:

The History of Oobleck

Can you be a scientist and create goop like Dr. Seuss’ book Bartholomew and the Oobleck?



Did you know?



We can’t wait to see all the fun our Explorers have this week! Please send your photos to htspvsyearbook@gmail.com so that they can be featured in our yearbook!