Picture Submission for Yearbook - 2022


This year we are updating our picture submissions process for yearbook.  Picture links will be established for events and theme days, and room parents will directly upload pictures to the yearbook sites through these links.  While some links for theme days may be shared with all parents, the majority of candid pictures will be the responsibility of room parents.  This makes it important that every class has pictures regularly submitted, so all students have representation in the yearbook.  Pictures emailed to the yearbook email will not be uploaded, and emailers will be directed to the link for the event they are submitting pictures for.  HTS and PVS will have separate submission links,  as each book is created separately.


Email links:


Picture room parents will receive submission links via email,  each link is only for the event listed.  The email may come from the yearbook company (example below),  or as a link in an email from the room parent coordinators.  Click the link to upload pictures

Uploading Pictures:


The upload page will give you the option of uploading one or multiple pictures.   You can upload pictures directly from your phone, or use your computer.  The upload page lists the instructions for uploading pictures,  and will walk you through your upload process.  


Labeling Uploaded Pictures:


It is important to label pictures so they can be used in collages.  After uploading,  you will see an option to preview your pictures (blue icon) and provide needed information.  Please change the file name to the grade and teacher name (caption).  In the indexing sections,  please list the grade,  teacher, and event/theme.  Also leave the ‘candid’ option selected.  Please reference the example,  this picture is a Back to School candid for Ms. Malaby’s 1st Grade class.


Picture Submission:


After filling out the information on all your pictures,  which you can review before final picture submission by clicking the blue preview icon on each picture.  Once you fully submit your pictures,  you can not return to edit the information.  Click ‘Done’ with the green check mark to fully submit your pictures.



Final Reminders:


Only photos submitted to the yearbook website will be included in the yearbook.  Emails that go to the yearbook email will be returned with the link for the upload site.  All questions can still be directed to the htspvsyearbook@gmail.com email address,  along with any issue or concerns encountered during the upload process.  If there is an issue or questions with information on a picture when uploaded, do not upload again,  just email for assistance.


Thank you for all your support in making an amazing book for our students!